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It is hard to believe that it has been almost three months since we made the decision to temporarily close down 365fundays on March 16th. While the world seemed to grind to a halt, we saw this as a time to improve ourselves and introduce “subtle” changes to bring about new experiences for our friends and guests. We look forward to seeing you, and we hope you would like what you see!

Excitements aside, the safety of you and our employees remains our top priority. We have put in a series of necessary measures and policy changes to fight COVID19:

  • -we will conduct a body temperature check for everyone coming into our facility.
  • -a 70 percent reduction of total capacity will be strictly enforced(from 350 to 100). As per our theme park, we will maintain 5 children per 1000 sqft to ensure safety.
  • -to implement social distancing, a minimum of 2 metres will be maintained between tables in our cafeteria and common area. Number of seatings will also be reduced.
  • -to minimize risks, we had cleared out the ball pit.

Pricing adjustment:

Admission Tickets

One child: 21 dollars for two hours (adult not included).

One adult: 5 dollars for two hours (due to limited facility capacity, we are charging 5 dollars per adult).

Laser tag: 10 dollars per player per game.

Party Room Rentals

During the time of pandemic, customers are able to rent one of our party rooms for two hours.

Small Room: 65 dollars/2 hours (Maximum 8 people).

Large Room: 85 dollars/2 hours (Maximum 12 people).

Private Party: 1000 dollars/2 hours (Maximum 50 people).

Outside food and drinks allowed ONLY for party room bookings.

Please contact us to rent a party room! Tel: 604-370-0093 Email: party@365fundays.ca

10-times pass

For guests who already purchased our 10-times pass, we will double the unused stamps!  Adult admissions are excluded after double the stamps. $5/adult will be charged before an adult entering the facility. 

For example, if you still have 4 stamps left, you will receive 4 more. Each stamp can be used for one kid for a 2-hour playtime booking.

Hours of Operation:

To improve our social distancing measures and sanitization processes, we have adjusted our operating style and operating hours to the following: 

Monday to Sunday: 

10:00am - 12:00pm (Play time)

12:00pm - 12:30pm (Sanitization time)

12:30pm - 14:30pm (Play time)

14:30pm - 15:00pm (Sanitization time)

15:00pm - 17:00pm (Play time)

17:00pm - 17:30pm (Sanitization time)

17:30pm - 19:30pm (Private party) 

Despite the unsettling time we are in, 365Fundays will continue to maintain and fortify our core values, safety and cleanliness, in order to provide a safe environment for you and your children. We appreciate your continued support, and we hope you will appreciate and respect our efforts and changes. To encourage physical distancing, we will limit the amount of people entering the facility. We encourage prebooking your visit through email or by phone. Once the limit of admissions have been reached, we will not accept any more customers. Therefore, please call or email us ahead of your visit. Please direct your inquiries to party@365fundays.ca 

We keep it clean, so you can be worry-free!